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Large Shampoo Bars

Large Shampoo Bars

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These shampoo bars can outlast 3 - 4 bottles of the liquid shampoo: one bar will last up to 100 washes with proper care!

 1. Start by wetting your hair and scalp, making sure there is ample water coverage all over your head.

2. Pick up your shampoo bar and rub it onto the scalp in a few places with the water streaming over at the same time. This will create extra suds that help to clean your hair and scalp. Note that dirt and hair product buildup can reduce sudsing, so two quick washes are sometimes better than one.

3. Use your fingers to spread the soap suds throughout your head and massage the shampoo into your scalp.

4. Finally, rinse off the shampoo and then repeat as necessary

5. Ensure the bar is kept as dry as possible between uses, avoid leaving it in a puddle of water for long periods of time as this can make the bar soft and cause it to dissolve quickly.


Weighs 150g / 5oz




For external use only. Keep away from eyes. If irritation occurs, rinse
with cool running water. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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